What do you mean by gluten-free?
Gluten refers to the protein found in some specific grains like wheat, barley, etc. It acts as a glue that holds food together.
Gluten-free food is specifically necessary for people with allergic reactions to Gluten or suffering from Celiac disease. For others, a small amount of Gluten is actually essential to their diet.

Are all products gluten-free?
No. Only Fruit and Nut Amaranth Clusters are gluten-free.

Isn’t it bad to eat nuts in the summer?
• This is a huge myth created due to the fact that nuts tend to get spoilt when left out in the heat. But today, this is not an issue due to proper storage methods.
• As long as nuts are stored in a cool & dry place, they contain essential properties that our bodies need all year round!

Some of your products are high in calories, why?
Most of our wholesome ingredients, specifically healthy Nuts, tend to be naturally high in calories. These healthy calories help fill you up so you are able to avoid unhealthy calories through the day.

This product is pricey for the quantity I am receiving. Why?
We do not compare ourselves to mass-market brands that give you larger quantities of food with minimal to no qualities.
At The Bread Company India, we fill our box With so many Qualities, that your body will feel the difference after consistent use. We focus on providing the best ingredients generously in each package so that you are able to receive all of the medicinal health benefits and overall goodness. Your body will thank you!

Can an order be shipped to a foreign country?
At present, we ship only within India. If you have bulk requirement, please do contact us and our executive shall revert to you.