Tropical Fruits, Nuts and Seeds Quinoa & Oats Granola


1. wholegrain oats and quinoa rolled in honey and baked for a satisfying crunchy base.
2. Added abundance of natural tropical fruits such as dried mango, papaya, pineapple, banana and delicate coconut. All topped with a mix of crunchy nuts and seeds.

Tropical fruit and nut
Energy / Calories kcal 215.085

Carbohydrates g 38.42

Total Fat g 5.605

Saturated Fat* mg 0.175

Polyunsaturated* mg 1.15

Monounsaturated* mg 4.26

Trans Fat* mg 0

Protein g 2.74

Sugar (as sucrose) g 3.002

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Ingredients – Fruit & Nut

Oats 20%
Quinoa Flakes 15%
Dried Coconut
Dried Papaya
Black Raisins
Sun flower seeds
Dried Pineapple
Quinoa seeds
Flax seeds
Dried Mango
Sunflower oil
Rosemary Extract

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